Welcome to Extreme Theater

Thank you for visiting our Extreme-Theater website. You might have gotten a flyer or were invited by somebody on the street. We would like to formally invite you and yours to a family night here with us, where we guarantee a time that will change your life around. All are welcome to attend this even. There is a different band that plays every week. Promptly at 8pm every Saturday there is something different going on. One night it might be Country while another night might just be Rap or Hip-Hop. We even have special nights were we play nothing but spanish music. Don't forget about the live dramas that are put on by several dramas teams all made to either make your laugh, cry or make you just go...hmmmm-thats true! How much would you spend if you and your family went to your local movie theater to watch the latest movie release. Depending on the size of your family you might spend the average of $40, $60, $80....more even in ONE night. After the tickets for a small family, popcorn, drinks, etc....that makes for an expensive night. Well, here at the extreme there is no cover charge and the food though its not gourmet...it delicious. From hot dogs, oreo shakes, coffee shakes, nachos ( my favorite) to your favorite beverage, candy for those of you with a sweet tooth...this menu wont break the bank. This venue is Christian based, so....there is no smoking, drinking or carrying on. A family event to be enjoyed by the whole family. That means toddlers, small children, teen, adults and even seniors will be able to enjoy a night at the Extreme-Theater. Come on in...have a seat and enjoy the night of live music, awesome dramas and a night that just might change your life!